Alberto Hurtado University
Campus Signage System

In November 2017, the heritage campus of the UAH inaugurated a new signage system, one which would create a user-friendly location and identification system for university's community members and visitors, thereby creating a more accessible, and thus unified space.

After repairing the interior façades of the inner courtyards of the Alberto Hurtado University (UAH), as well as up-keeping its gardens and outdoor furniture, a new signage system was designed and implemented to better improve presentation of useful information, campus facts, locations, and modes of circulation for the members of its community and visitors. The entire space, consisting of thirty heritage houses, built in the 1920s and 1930s, is located between Alameda, Almirante Barroso, Erasmo Escala, and Cienfuegos streets, and together, constitute a large campus that houses a university life of more than 7,500 students, academics, and visitors.

With the help of Fundación Mar Adentro, the new signage system was developed by the architecture and design office, Sumo. They successfully portrayed the University’s identity within their signage system and were able to create a user-friendly method of communication, one which makes locating oneself, identifying different campus buildings, schools, services, and access to interior courtyards easy.

The new signage, as well as the unification and simplification of the different graphic references that had been in place, reinforce the identity of this university, emphasizing its patrimonial nature and celebrating its history of modernization and academia.