Alberto Hurtado University
Apoyo Integral Program

Aimed at undergraduate students of Alberto Hurtado University who need financial support for their studies, this program seeks to foster a sense of community service, personal growth and expanded networks, to strengthen their future professional development.

The Comprehensive Support Program (PAI – from its original Spanish name Programa de Apoyo Integral) for students of Alberto Hurtado University (UAH) was born from Fundación Mar Adentro’s support to the University, through a humanist and pluralist vision and with a strong ethical and social purpose.

Students during one of their development sessions held at Fundación Origen.

Conceived in 2017, the Program seeks to comprehensively support students from different academic careers, who have the ability to develop a path of academic excellence–together with a strong social vocation–but who do not possess the economic conditions that allow them to dedicate themselves completely to this pursuit. As of 2020, 21 students have participated in PAI, many of which have successfully completed their studies.

Each year, UAH undergraduate students who cannot access the state’s free admission to higher education and whose grades are within the top 35% of their course’s ranking apply to the Program. Those who are selected receive a series of benefits during their time in the University, such as: payment of a percentage of their academic tuition and registration, a monthly allowance for food and a monthly allowance for study-related expenses.

Likewise, students commit to participate in personal development days, comprehensive development activities, volunteer work carried out together with the Centro Universitario Ignaciano and interdisciplinary instances related to art and conservation, as a complement to their studies, among others.

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