An academic excellence scholarship program for students attending Universidad Alberto Hurtado created in 2017 that comprehensively supports students throughout their studies. The program currently has 12 beneficiaries.

PAI students in their personal development workshop at Fundación Origen. 

The Comprehensive Support Program (known as PAI – Programa Apoyo Integral) for students of the Universidad Alberto Hurtado is a scholarship program offered by Fundación Mar Adentro for this institution. It was designed in 2016 to financially as well as comprehensively accompany students who have the capacity to carry out an academic career of excellence, together with a strong social vocation, but do not have the economic conditions that allow them to dedicate themselves fully to it. It started in 2017 as a pilot project, with 7 students; in 2018, the program grew to 11 beneficiares who receive economic support and also social and cultural workshops, with personal-development sessions and volunteer work. They are students of Law (3), Psychology (4), Basic Education, Pedagogy in Biology, Pedagogy in Spanish Language and Communications, Public Administration.

Eligible students are those who currently in their first year of undergraduate studies at Universidad Alberto Hurtado and within the 35% top ranking of their career who cannot access public gratuity programs. The program offers contributions to cover  up to 90% of tuition fees, monthly stipend for food and study materials and/or textbooks. In return all PAI students must contribute volunteer work within one of the University’s programs at the Centro Universitario Ignaciano, attend personal-growth support sessions and workshops as well as Fundación Mar Adentro’s cultural and environmental activities.