Alberto Hurtado University

Comprehensive higher education for a just and solidary society. 

Collaborating with Universidad Alberto Hurtado was one of the first philanthropic initiatives of our founder, Alberto Hurtado Fuenzalida. We believe that the educational project of this university–founded in 1997 by the Society of Jesus–contributes to the development of people who think and work towards an equitable and collaborative society, granting students academic opportunities and professional education that will readily prepare them to become social changemakers who can respond in an ethical, active, supportive and creative way to the collective challenges of our society.

Over the years we have supported University’s development and expansion, as well as offering academic excellence scholarships for their students. Additionally, together with Fundación Cosmos, we actively participate in the Espacios Comunes council, a long-term strategic plan that promotes a series of infrastructure projects that seek to enhance the University’s campus and architectural heritage potential to assure a better university experience for students.

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