Alberto Hurtado University

Our foundation has been collaborating with the University for several years, supporting its growth and development of educational opportunities for students. These contributions were among the first philanthropic initiatives of our founder.

Universidad Alberto Hurtado was founded on October 20, 1997 by the Society of Jesus with the purpose of contributing to the development of Chilean society from a strong ethical, social, Christian, humanist, and pluralistic point of view. It is one of the 200 Jesuit educational centers scattered across 65 countries worldwide.

This university teaches more than 5,000 students in 36 vocational training programs, 60% of which come from subsidized schools. In addition to undergraduate and graduate programs, it also offers research and social project centers such as CREAS (Center for Social Action and Reflection) and CEDEP (Center for Personal Development), and six faculties that focus on education and humanism.

We believe that the university’s educational strategy contributes to the development of individuals who are thinking and working to achieve a more equitable society open to dialogue. The university provides students with quality professional education and an integral formation that equips individuals with the tools to become social actors who possess a deep ethical consciousness and have the capacity to creatively respond to the myriad challenges our society faces.

Our Foundation has contributed to the expansion of the campus, connectivity between headquarters and landscaping within the university, as well as participating in its Board and its strategic development.

Our Foundation has supported the University from its beginnings, in its development and expansion as well as through funding opportunities for its students and actively participating in the Board of Directors and its strategic development plans. These contributions were some of the first philanthropic initiatives carried out by our founder, Alberto Hurtado Fuenzalida.

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