In the context of Theo Jansen’s visit to Chile, different educational resources were created to help explain his ideas and work, and thus generate activities for children and students in order to reflect on art, science, evolution, nature, and creation. The online downloadable educational workbook and videos on various project processes, in addition to the exhibition journal with information and activities are available here.

Educational Notebook

Approaches to Theo Jansen, Wind Algorithms

Developed in collaboration with the Cerrillos Center’s educational team.

This short document includes information on Jansen’s life, his research and work process. Key concepts of his work are explored and some questions are given to guide reflections around his artistic work.

To download this notebook click here.


Exhibition Journal

The online version of the journal, also handed out to visitors of the exhibition, includes a biography and interview with the author, graphics on the evolution of his work, as well as activities and questions for children and young adults.

To download this journal click here.



On three central themes:

  1. Creative Processes:
  1. Co-design
  2. Art/Science


While each of these concepts are characteristic of Jansen’s life and work, they can be applied in broader contexts as well.

All videos are available on Fundación Mar Adentro’s Youtube and Vimeo channels.

Procesos creativos: Nociones de un creador
Procesos creativos: Distintas miradas
Trabajo colaborativo: Co-diseño
Convergencias entre arte y ciencia