Art and Nature Workshops
Illustrated Territory

Illustrated territory: mapuche worldview, nature and artistic creation is a workshop that was took place in May 2019 during the 2019 Arts Education Week: Art and nature, active awareness, with three different sessions at the La Moneda Cultural Center (CCLM). The activities were led by Chilean illustrator Tomás Olivos, Alejandra Carimán, CCLM intercultural advisor, Daniela Meliang, CCLM photographer and mediator and our territorial programs coordinator.

The workshop sought to understand the notion of territory and the relationship the Mapuche people hold with nature through an association of language and image to then create a collective visual creation with all participants about their own territory and way of relating to nature, in order to understand the identity or the possibility of building it based on three concepts: Ekuwün (respect for nature; cultivation and care of life), Yamuwün (respect for people; interculturality, family and hospitality), and Poweyun (love). The workshops culminated with three large-scale collective drawings.

More information in the following downloadable document.

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