A team of biologists and artists from the Río Seco Natural History Museum in Punta Arenas develops an ongoing educational program with workshops that combine naturalistic practices with artistic techniques to teach children and young adults to value, understand and create in the Magellan ecosystems. FMA supports its implementation.

The Río Seco Natural History Museum, located in Punta Arenas, seeks to promote the austral culture and preserve the natural heritage of the Region of Magallanes through research and interdisciplinary education. It is an institution that is interested in creating knowledge through the interpretation of natural history and its expressions through culture, naturalism and the arts.

Members of its team of researchers carry out an educational program for children and young adults of the area. Biologists Gabriela Garrido and Benjamín Cáceres, and artists Aymara Zegers and Miguel Cáceres, teach methodologies related to visual arts to assimilate and recognize elements of natural and cultural history in the various ecosystems of the Magallanes region: evergreen forest, Lenga forest, peatlands and the Patagonian steppe.

The program consists of field trips to the different ecosystems of the region combined with teaching artistic register techniques to learn how to document the landscape and its different components and forms of interaction with humans. Within the educational program students will practice naturalistic illustration, analog photography, casting and osteotecnia (the study of animal anatomy), to observe how these artistic techniques play a role in observation and study of an environment.

FMA has supported this work since 2016, collaborating in their first workshops and naturalist summer camp and hope to continue jointly contributing to environmental education through art.

taller_2018 from Aymara Zegers on Vimeo.

Students on site during the Naturalist Summer Camp in Cape San Isidro A workshop participant reviewing the contents of a scientific book while also learning through direct observation of her natural environment Monitors and the entire summer camp group taking a break at a lookout station