Cultural Program for the 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress
Workshop: Discovering my coastline

The team of researchers at the Río Seco Natural History Museum held workshops for local teachers and students in the framework of the Fourth International Marine Protected Areas Congress in La Serena-Coquimbo, Chile.

The researchers from the Río Seco Natural History Museum in Punta Arenas, whose educational program receives support from Fundación Mar Adentro, held workshops for teachers and students on the learning of and appreciation for the value of their local ecosystem and taught techniques for the study of the nature-human relationship. This workshop offered teachers the ability to replicate their own experiences and relay new information to their students. They were held in three local schools throughout the week in which IMPAC4 was held: Caleta San Pedro de La Serena School, Peñuelas School, and Carlos Condell School in Caleta Los Hornos.

The workshops combined outdoor excursions and biology related activities with art techniques related to landscape documentation. Participants learned about the different components of the environment, as well as the human/cultural interactions present on the coast. Additionally, participants were taught skills such as ‘casting’, a technique used by artists and scientists alike which allows for the replication of a natural object into another material (e.g. alginate or stone gypsum).

The workshops were led by the Río Seco Natural History Museum team, consisting of artists, Aymara Zegers and Miguel Cáceres, and biologists, Benjamín Cáceres and Gabriela Garrido, who also participated in IMPAC4’s scientific and educational presentations.