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Sala Libre: exercises to awaken our curiosity

Downloadable activities to connect through creativity with nature.

Sala libre is a project that emerged from these moments of confinement due to the global health crisis of 2020, as an invitation to connect with our bodily perception, our environment and emotions, fostering wonder and curiosity about small, everyday things. We invite you to explore and download our pedagogical exercises that incite an exploration through our senses to reflect on our relationship with our immediate environment and nature through an aesthetic lens: active listening, drawing, movement and the audiovisual to learn within your home.

Below you may find a series of exercises as well as Spotify playlists to accompany each activity with music selected by different members of our team.


DOWNLOAD HERE the instructions for the following new set of three exercises of Sala Libre 3 described below:

We’ve also compiled a new playlist on Spotify to help activate all of our senses while experiencing the different exercises.

EXERCISE 1: Journey into your inner landscape
An invitation to take part in an imagery of creation where symbols, meanings and emotions consciously or unconsciously awaken through a narrated story.

> Imagery narrative (available here in audio or text)
> Suggested materials: stones, dry leaves, branches, scissors, glue, string, adhesive tape, among others. We suggest you choose these materials once you finish listening or reading the imagery narrative

EXERCISE 2: The dance of the elements
In this activity we are going to connect through the body with the four elements of nature: earth, fire, air and water. We invite you to explore the effects produced by movements inspired by these elements, through a series of body exercises based on Gaga, a dance method that focuses on freedom expressed in the movement of our body and the absolute joy that comes from that experience.

> Your body, comfortable clothes, bare feet or socks
> Body warming video (link also available in downloadable pdf)
> Audios to perform the exercise (available in downloadable pdf)
> Choose a place with space to move around (it doesn’t have to be very big) where you can feel comfortable to explore

EXERCISE 3: Natural oracle: short stories about my territory
An invitation to play and learn through the creation of symbols to create short stories inspired about your territory and place of inhabitance. You will be able to create a game composed of 13 stones, which will be transformed into something similar to an “oracle” that will guide you to create stories. Chance, the elements, and signs will be your guides to connect with your territorial identity.

> 13 small stones, about 3 cm approx. (You can replace them with another object similar in size that allows you to carry out the activity, for example bottle caps,  tree leaves or whatever you can think of!)
> Pencil, marker, paint (acrylic or tempera with cold glue) or other material that allows you to write on the stones (or chosen objects)
> Pencil and paper to make your sketches and write your short story


DOWNLOAD HERE the instructions for the following new set of three exercises of Sala Libre 2 described below:

We’ve also compiled a new playlist on Spotify for you to listen while creating and experimenting.


Imagen de Cueva

Photo credit: Amparo Irarrázaval

EXERCISE 1: What is the sound of my surroundings like? / Active Listening
An invitation to become aware of the sounds present in our daily lives. Active listening is a great gateway to locate ourselves within our spectrum of knowledge and connect with the world beyond. Sounds are highly characteristic of places, spaces, objects, bodies and vary according to each listening ear.

> 1 sheet of paper
> 1 pencil

Diversas fotos de las mismas flores

Photo credit: Amparo Irarrázaval

EXERCISE 2: Microecosystems / Audiovisual Sights
Lets explore ways to build a visual narrative through a camera, which will take us to observe the morphology of a plant as if we were observing it for the very first time…

> A phone with a camera to record video or a video camera for those who own one.
> Optional: video editing program (only for those who will be using a video camera and already know how to use an editing program)


EXERCISE 3: Nature through my body
Mujer sosteniendo sus manos en forma piramidal al centro de su cuerpoOur bodies, their structures and movements, resonate with those of nature. This exercise invites you to explore, through the movement of our hands and the empty space that exists between them, the rhythms of nature in relation to our own body.

> Hand movement example video (here)
> Movements in nature video (here


DOWNLOAD HERE instructions to follow and create with the three exercises of Sala Libre 1 described below:

We recommend conducting the exercises accompanied by music, as a means to prompt inspiration. We’ve complied the following Spotify playlist “Sala Libre 1” for you to enjoy!


“El cuerpo que dibuja” workshop taught by Sonia Esplugas and María Jesús Olivos, Barcelona, 2017.

EXERCISE 1: Perceiving life through our bodies
Let us connect with the nature that inhabits in us by drawing the rhythm of our breath. The invitation is to re-perceive our body as a living being and abandon recurring thoughts and conditioning through the following steps that will help us stimulate the right hemisphere of our brain.

> 1 blank sheet of paper (Letter size or larger if possible)
> 1 graphite pencil, charcoal, or similar

*Use the following audio guide for this exercise:

To touch with your sight
Imagen de planta
An invitation to put aside preconceived ideas about the things that surround us, to observe and perceive from another place by drawing a plant without looking at the paper. This exercise consists of observing and connecting with our perceptions of textures and shapes. You don’t have to “know how to draw” to participate.

> 1 blank sheet of paper
> Coloring pencils, any kind 

EXERCISE 3: Translating our emotions Mano dibujando
An activity to connect with our emotions through drawing.

> 1 blank sheet of paper (ideally one tabloid size or two letter size)
> 1 graphite pencil or similar (we do not recommend using markers)

*We would love to receive images of your results. Send us your results at info@fundacionmaradentro.cl to share on our social media or simply upload your images with #salalibreFMA 🙂

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