Fundación Rompientes

Collaboratively protecting the coastal edge with local communities by means of new wave-conservation strategies. 

Created in 2017, Fundación Rompientes carries out different actions aimed at marine and coastal edge conservation, to mitigate the effects of economic activity in these areas and gear them towards sustainable models that seek to protect the ocean as a common heritage for those who depend on oceans as well as for those who recreationally enjoy them.  

They focus their action on areas of high biological value that are threatened by the economic activity of tourism and the real estate sector to foster co-administration plans with artisanal fishermen, the surfing community and various active actors of the local communities. The coast of the sixth region of Chile, where places like Puertecillo and Topocalma are located, are currently priority sectors in which Rompientes is working. 

FMA collaborates with Rompientes to develop and implement strategies, educational programs, communication campaigns and research activities for the legal protection of surf breakers and the coastal edge that are under imminent threats along the Chilean coast.

Visit Fundación Rompiente’s website for further information.
Photo credits: Rodrigo Farías

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