We support this foundation, one dedicated to promoting the conservation and protection of the coastline. Rompientes emphasizes the importance of sustainable and collaborative relations between local Chilean communities and the surf.

©Rodrigo Farías

Fundación Rompientes, formed in 2017, seeks to collaboratively address the problems that affect Chile’s coastline, specifically in areas of high biological value and threatened by the economic activity of tourism and housing projects, to promote co-management plans that take the artisanal fishermen and the local community into account.

©Rodrigo Farías

They carry out different initiatives aimed at marine life and coastal edge conservation. Rompientes promotes sustainability efforts which benefit local economies and protect the sea, a place to be enjoyed by those who view it as a heritage site, as well as by those who use it to have fun via sports or tourism.

FMA collaborates with Rompientes to develop and implement strategies, educational programs, communication campaigns, and research activities for the legal protection of surf breaks and coastal edges, which are under imminent threats all throughout the coast of Chile.

Rompientes prioritizes the coast of the sixth region of Chile, where places like Puertecillo and Topocalma are located, and seeks to generate collective agreements for the development of the communities and the preservation of their heritage.

Rompientes joins the working model of Conservamos por Naturaleza Foundation in Peru, which has achieved the legal protection of surfing sites in that country and works in conjunction with prominent NGOs dedicated to the subject, including Save the Waves, in California. Fundación Rompientes was created by Felipe Rodríguez, Juan Esteban Butazzoni, Rodrigo Bustamante, and Rodrigo Farías.