The Puerto de Ideas Festival has been held every year for the past seven years in Valparaíso and in April 2014 in Antofagasta. Around one thousand attendants gather in Valparaíso to participate in the exchange and circulation of ideas through debates, conferences, and interviews surrounding humanistic, scientific, and artistic topics. Fundación Mar Adentro collaborates as a sponsor of this festival and implemented their Active Teachers program in 2012.

Puerto de Ideas is a non-profit foundation created in 2010. The Foundation organizes two festivals annually: Puerto de Ideas Valparaíso has been held every November since 2011, and Puerto de Ideas Antofagasta Science Festival has been celebrated every April since 2014.

These festivals grant its attendees the opportunity to approach to creators – artists, scientists and humanists – and the creative processes behind their ideas.

We deeply admire the multidisciplinary nature of the festival, one which promotes the convergence of the rich flavors of literature, history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, art, mathematics, and neuroscience, to name just a few.

Through the sharing of personal experiences, lectures, dialogues, interviews, complemented with exhibitions, concerts, and shows, Puerto de Ideas, though relatively nascent, appeals to a new, yet profound way of generating culture in Chile.

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