FMA supports the NGO TOKI and its Music School, led by pianist Mahani Teave, who since 2015 has expanded its capacity with new teachers and students.


The Rapa Nui School of Music and Arts has more than 100 students and offers classes and training in violin, cello and ukulele. Due to the support of Fundación Mar Adentro since 2015 the school now has the following new teachers: Marisol Medina (violin), Patricio Tepano (ukelele), Héctor Escobar (cello and orchestra), Ximena Cabello (piano) and Salvador Candiani (musical theory).

Pianist Mahani Teave 

ONG TOKI and its school, together with the Rapa Nui community, aims to provide a comprehensive education to children and young adults, providing them with a space and tools for their artistic, social and cultural development, for the sake of sustainable development.

In this music school the line that divides traditional categories and styles of music with popular local traditions is blurred, and students are taught all types of music from classic to the melodic roots that characterize Rapa Nui musical traditions.

Rapa Nui School of Music and the Arts 

ONG TOKI was founded in 2013 and took under its wing the Rapa Nui School of Music, a non-profit institution that relates to the community through the preservation of identity, exchange and cultivation of transcendental values contributed by the dedication to music, as a means to transform a student’s potential and help improve their family environment. This work strategy seeks to open paths and deliver perspectives on personal development based on the values delivered by music, such as tolerance, respect, discipline, improvement and solidarity.