Fundación Origen

High school education in connection with the land to grant opportunities and develop new learning methods.

We collaborate with Fundación Origen and its Agroecological School of Pirque (EAP) because we firmly believe in its purpose, focused on generating a change in educational and development models, based on actions committed to the environment and community. Through technical training in organic agriculture, based on a culture of peace, dialogue and trust in their students, this school–created in 1991–provides interdisciplinary, sustainable and concrete tools for the transformation of young adults.

Fundación Mar Adentro permanently supports the School of Arts and Crafts, where students receive training in eco-construction, installation and maintenance of solar panels, electricity, woodwork, organic and ceramic production, among other courses, with a strong focus on the school’s ceramic workshop. Since 2019 we have begun to offer pedagogical instances with guest designers and artists whose work combines trades and contemporary art to carry out specific workshops for the students at the School of Arts and Crafts.

Since 2018 we also support their Mercado Origen, a space for the sale of artisanal and sustainable products from local vegetable gardens and farmers organized through Manos Campesinas of INDAP. On weekends, vegetable garden, pottery, meditation, beekeeping, recycling, and healthy cooking courses are offered.

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