Pewen: The Earth Will Say

In a journey through the Andean Araucanía, questions arise that call to hear the voice of this sacred tree for the Pewenche people and a natural monument of Chile. Something is happening with this place that has been greatly weakened during the last decade. Faced with this, various visions arise that, through the voices of scientific researchers, authorities linked to the territory, park rangers and Pewenche communities, investigate and reflect to try to understand what happens with the araucaria. From the ancestral wisdom of those who have lived with the pewen forever, this tree is no longer the same and what apparently happens is something much more global and complex.

Thursday September 10th, 2020 @ 9:00 pm on Ladera Sur (YouTube Live y Facebook Live) and Fundación Mar Adentro’s Facebook Live.

Documentary details and credits

Duration: 31 minutes
Directed by: Víctor Leyton
Executive Producers: Fundación Mar Adentro, UC Davis-Chile, Conaf
General Production: Mandarina Producciones
Onsite production and logistics: Carlos Mendoza, Francisca Chandía, Fernanda Muñoz
Script and Editing: Ignacia González, Víctor Leyton
Script collaborators: Maya Errázuriz, Madeline Hurtado, Ángela Pabón, Tatiana Pavez
Narrator voice-over: Joel Maripil
Camera: Nelson Cortez, Alvaro Díaz, German Mellado
Drone camera: Yerko Castillo, Leo Mena
Sound post-production: Ignacio Cubillos
Graphic Design: Juan Pablo Vergara
Fungi Photo Credit: Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira

©Fundación Mar Adentro, UC Davis-Chile

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