Active Teachers
2018 | Theo Jansen

This version of the Active Teachers Program invites CECREA Program facilitators from the Ministry of Cultures, Arts, and Heritage to learn about the work of Theo Jansen. Selected facilitators will create laboratories for children and young adults inspired by the Dutch artist’s work.

More than 30 facilitators from CECREA centers from across the country sent proposals for workshops inspired by Theo Jansen, whose work revolves around the observation of nature and technical development from everyday materials. Six applicants were selected to work on their projects in fabrication laboratories during the third cycle of the 2018 CECREA program. Those selected were able to visit Theo Jansen’s exhibition in Santiago and engage in accompanying activities to enrich their experience and laboratory facilities. Facilitators will open their laboratories in the different CECREA centers throughout the country during the second semester of 2018.

The following are the selected participants of this year’s Theo Jansen – Active Teachers Program:

  • Paulina Martínez / “Aquatic Bestiary”
  • Loreto Zambrano / “Creativing Living Beasts”
  • Rolando Rojas / “Biomimicry: Imitating Flight in Nature”
  • Claudia Lorena Barría / “Images of Sounds”
  • Jairo Troppa / “Rock Hominids”
  • Magaly Vera / “Cineticoluminescent Aquatic Organisms”

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