Active Teachers
2016 | Puerto de Ideas Valparaíso

Since 2012, we have invited teachers affiliated with the institutions we collaborate with to participate in the Puerto de Ideas festival. In 2016, these invitations merged with our Active Teachers Program.

Fundación Mar Adentro has invited more than 140 teachers to attend the Puerto de Ideas Festival. Teachers have been able to bring elements of this training experience to action within their own contexts and communities. These unique instances of critical thinking, reflection, and creative stimulation outside of the standard learning environment are important for teachers: These projects and workshops offer teachers the ability to replicate their own experiences and relay new information to their students.

Thanks to the collaboration of the National Council of Culture and the Arts of Chile, 60 teachers were invited to attend the Festival in 2016 – the previous year hosted only 25. Teachers from Valparaíso and La Ligua, as well as teachers representing each region of Chile, joined groups linked to the institutions with which Fundación Mar Adentro continuously collaborates: Alberto Hurtado University, Fundación Origen, and Toki NGO.