Active Teachers
2016 | Talleres de ilustración Chiloé

The illustrators who participated in Fundación Mar Adentro's Residency Program held workshops for teachers in Chiloé.

Four illustrators who participated in the Illustration and nature Residency prepared activities for teachers in Chiloé. These aimed to develop simple, creative exercises that teachers could use in class. Sebastián Ilabaca (Chile), Matías Prado (Chile), Linda Bondestam (Finland), and Siri Ahmed Backström (Sweden) shared ideas with 40 teachers asked to convene through the Municipal Corporation of Castro.

The following illustration workshops taught teachers how to use tools and every-day materials to create fun projects for their students: “The Sewing Machine” is a drawing exercise for pairs, “Pop Up Animal”, a paper-figurine construction project, and “Little fanzine”, a build-your-own book activity.

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