Active Teachers

Teachers coming together to forge creative communities across multiple disciplines to develop transformative learnings within their educational spaces. An ongoing training program for educators, which seeks to contribute with innovative multidisciplinary teaching methodologies that utilize art to educate on nature stewardship. 

This program began in 2012, when we invited teachers from organizations with which we collaborate, such as Fundación Origen, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Toki’s Music School, among others, as well as teachers who participate in the annual Colorearte Contest, to attend Puerto de Ideas Festival of Valparaíso.

Since then, the program has grown and transformed over the past years. During 2016, the core aspect of the program has been defined as a program that is dedicated to improving teaching processes by way of encourage educational projects that bring artistic methodologies into play to implement multidisciplinary teaching efforts.

Between 2017 and 2019 new activities and approaches have been offered. With time, this program has consolidated into a non formal training instance for teachers, educators, artists and professionals who fulfill a pedagogical function, whom we consider multiplying agents in their contexts, with the potential to promote a more creative and equitable education to their communities.

Today, we are focused on fostering creative communities across the country. Hence, Active Teachers seeks to encourage participants to take this as an opportunity to share experiences and bring together different perspectives and knowledge. We believe granting teachers the possibility to participate in new instances of reflection, exchanging of experiences, networking, to learn about new methodologies and experience creative stimulation beyond their daily routines, is a great opportunity, which, in turn, allows them to apply innovative and replicable pedagogical proposals on the importance of nature stewardship.

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