Active Teachers
2017 | Puerto de Ideas

11 teachers and facilitators of the CECREA program from different cities in southern Chile participated in this version of the program in which they attended the Puerto de Ideas Festival in Valparaíso, shared with the outstanding Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuña, and participated in a series of reflective activities on education with the Department of Education of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.

Together with the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, through its Art Education Department, teachers and facilitators of the CECREA program from the south of the country–Quirihue, Temuco, Palguín, Chiloé, Aysén and Punta Arenas–participated in this year’s version of the Active Teachers program. The participants were able to attend the annual Puerto de Ideas Festival, a gathering that brings together thinkers and creators to discuss and present on thought-processes, culture and art in the city of Valparaíso. In addition to attending these talks and shows, the group of teachers took part in a series of group dynamics, in a workshop led by Pablo Rojas–director of the Department of Education and Training of the Chilean Ministry of Cultures, the Arts and Heritage–, to generate networks and explore the possibilities of joint and interdisciplinary work.

The teachers attended the participatory performance of renowned Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuña, with whom they later shared a lunch and talked about art, nature and education. They continued with talks by the Chilean biologist Javier Simonetti, on biodiversity; on post-truth and networks, with the philosopher Martín Hopenhayn and the German expert Martin Hilbert.

They were also able to attend a series of live performances such as the play La disobedience de Marte, with actors Francisco Reyes and Néstor Cantillana, and ended their stay in Valparaíso with the an emblematic concert by Luis Advis’s work dedicated to Violeta Parra, Canto para una semilla, with Inti Illimani, Isabel Parra and Tamara Acosta.

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