Dialogues and Seminars
Poligonal: Art and Science Talks

Poligonal began in 2019 as a space for discussion and critical thought on art and science, to address socio-environmental issues from different perspectives, broadening visions and approaching more creative and comprehensive solutions for nature protection, human-nature coexistence and climate change adaptation.

Aimed at all audiences, Poligonal invites participants to reflect on art, science and their common points, associate creative processes, bring together different forms of research and new proposals, to disseminate concrete examples of interdisciplinary work comprehensively contributes to today’s socio-ecological challenges.

  • Interview with conceptual artist Paul Rosero, who recently participated in Poligonal Nº2 here.
  • More on Poligonal Nº1 in this review on Endémico magazine here.

Below, video recordings of the most recent Poligonal:
*Videos of previous versions available here. 


(Español) Video de Registro Poligonal Nº2

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