Dialogues and Seminars
Transformational Practices

Following the social outbreak in Chile, in December 2019, in Espacio IF-Recoleta, together with FabLab Santiago, CINNDA, IF Blanco Recoleta, and Fabrica de Medios, we carried out for the first time the Transformative practices: Art gathering in times of socio-environmental crisis, an instance to reflect and discuss about the lingering sensations and thoughts in the face of the socio-environmental crisis, through round-table discussion sessions and collaborative art activities that sought to address the following sizeable questions: What is the meaning of human spirit? How do we wish to learn? How do I feel part of my territory?

Learn more about this methodology here.
If you missed out on this activity, the following video will give you a sense of what this first experience of Transformative practices was like.  

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