Dialogues and Seminars
Art and Ecology, conversations for the challenges of the XXI

A series of conversations jointly organized by the University of Bristol, Fundación Mar Adentro and the CCC Film and Creation Center that addresses the rol art plays on current socio-environmental issues in Chile and Perú, with special emphasis on the current situation of the coastal regions of the Pacific area.

These conversations are part of the on going research project titled “Reimagining the Pacific. Images of the ocean in Chile and Peru, c.1960 to the present” of the University of Bristol, UK, led by researchers Dr. Paul Merchant, professor of Latin American cinema and visual culture, and Dr. Rebecca Irons.

The cycle began with a first conversation with Chilean artists Claudia González, Fernando Godoy, and Alejandra Prieto, moderated by Paul Merchant on Wednesday, April 21.

Each of the artists spoke about specific projects, among them: a sound work in Chiloé recording different characteristic sounds of the marine heritage of this place; a tour of the loa river basin and its different interactions; as well as a work on minerals and the different ways that they affect certain communities.

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