To develop creativity, imagination and teamwork in children from 1st grade to 4th year of secondary education is the target of the school dyeing program, Colorearte. In its new version it seeks that students rescue through colors what is most representative of us as a community, inspiring them and making their projects come to life by intervening the landscape.

The 12th version of the school competition of dyeing and creativity Colorearte “El color de lo nuestro”, invites students and teachers of the country to think about and create a team intervention on the landscape, based on the local heritage of each area or region.

Students showing their results

Students showing their results

This year’s competition, organized by Fundación Mar Adentro, Fundación Mustakis and Anilinas Monblanc, invites students and teachers of the country to rescue through investigation, reflection and observation what is most representative of their community, whether festivals, traditional games, values, beliefs, gastronomy, flora or fauna, among other aspects. Based on this theme, the students will develop a project that involves doing an artistic intervention on the landscape with fabrics dyed with anilines, using the Shibori technique.

Students from 1st grade to 4th secondary level may participate, registered in groups or courses by their schools with a teacher in charge. To register they must enter the following link and fill in the form available on the website, where they may also find more information and support material for the contest.

Colorearte will also continue offering throughout the year dyeing workshops and training courses for teachers, both in Santiago and in regions. In this way they will continue providing teachers and students with new tools that integrate different disciplines and technologies to further strengthen the arts as educational tool.

Colorearte is a project that is supported by the Cultural Donations Act.