Colorearte is an annual dyeing competition created for students in primary, secondary and special educational establishments of all Chilean educational facilities. It aims to contribute to art education through various dyeing techniques. FMA has collaborated in various ways in this highly esteemed project.

Colorearte: Educating Through Art, is an initiative that seeks to teach students about creativity, teamwork and entrepreneurship by means of textile dyeing techniques, specifically shibori, and art actions creations based on a specific topic. Created in 2003 by Anilinas Montblanc and since 2009 receives the supported of Fundación Mustakis, which allowed for this contest to expand across the different regions of Chile.

The contest includes the participation of students from 1st to 12th grade, who enroll in teams led by one teacher. The contest invites students–and their teachers–to express the most of their creativity, making an art project from a specific theme that varies year to year, always posing new challenges that invite different disciplines, technologies and resources to join in on the art-making, granting with a comprehensive model of education for children across Chile. Dyeing has become a valuable tool for promoting art education, where more than 100,000 students, with their teachers, have been a part of this initiative in the most remote places of Chile.

Fundación Mar Adentro took part in the directing team from 2011 to 2015, due to its outstanding purpose, a proposal that seeks to promote a means of expression that enhances cognitive and perceptual capacities to expand a child’s capacity of reflection, observation and connection with the environment. Along with developing the talents of each child, the contest also strengthens, encourages and recognizes good teachers, who we find are agents of change in our society.

Our contribution to enrich the project included the encouragement to step outside the classrooms to create art interventions in the landscape, support in the design of the artistic and creative aspects of the project, monitoring and review of the final designs that are turned in each year, providing with artistic educational content, and guidance in the audiovisual and photographic records of the art actions as well as in the exhibition installation of the winning photographs.

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