Pehuén Forest
“Three Sisters” Weather Station

In January 2018, we installed a weather station to analyze climate factors and thus contribute to the study of the entire region, with an emphasis on contributing to climate change analyses in Southern Chile.

The station, installed near three emblematic araucarias, monitors temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed, and snowpack levels, among other variables. This data is used to understand local climate patterns and to compare the findings with seasonal variables over time. The data thus contributes to further research on the cryosphere (Earth surfaces with water in a solid state) and on climate change in the Andean Araucanía.

The information will also reveal trends in snow accumulation in the elevated regions of Bosque Pehuén, to observe how fluctuations affect the water dynamics of the basin. The findings will be essential in the long term to compare with other studies of data collected in the Araucanía region. Specific topics for further research will be taken from this data, such as monitoring snow maps, probes of snow reserves, and implementing a snow and water accumulation system for the summer season.

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