In this year’s Puerto de Ideas Active Teacher’s program, teachers from southern Chile were invited to gather and engage in culture, art, and other creative modes of thought. In addition to attending talks and shows, teachers engaged in interactive group activities to inspire constructive and consistent teacher-networking and communication. Teachers also shared their experiences in teaching with Chilean artist, Cecilia Vicuña.

Luis Advis’ Canto para una semilla (Song for a Seed), dedicated to Violeta Parra, and performed by Inti Illimani, Isabel Parra, and Tamara Acosta, was the closing act of this year’s Puerto de Ideas Festival in Valparaiso, which hosted teachers from Temuco, Palguín, Chiloé, Aysén, and Punta Arenas, among others. The intensive weekend included readings by French writer, Philippe Claudel, and work dynamics workshops guided by Pablo Rojas – Director of the Education and Professional Training Department of the National Council of Culture and The Arts of Chile – these aimed to cultivate teacher-networks and generate interdisciplinary work.

Teachers also engaged with Chilean artist, Cecilia Vicuña, who performed for them at the former Colegio de los Padres Franceses School. Teachers discussed themes such as art, nature, and education with the artist over lunch. They also attended panel discussions and talks given by Chilean biologist, Javier Simonetti, on biodiversity; Chilean author, María José Ferrada, on children’s creativity; philosopher, Martín Hopenhayn, and German social systems expert, Martin Hilbert. Teachers also attended the La desobediencia de Marte (The Disobedience of Mars), a play with Francisco Reyes and Néstor Cantillana.