The Active Teachers program aims to contribute in the formation of teachers in the field of arts, culture, science, and matters pertinent to the care and respect for our nature.

We believe that teachers have a wide span of influence and have the potential to promote equitable education. That is why Mar Adentro seeks to create opportunities that enhance and enrich their knowledge and insight.

Education is essential to the welfare, growth, and realization of every human being; it is a crucial aspect for the development of a society. We are interested in supporting formative experiences that are based upon the amalgam of disciplines that highlight creativity and art, and that encourage environmental awareness. We want to contribute to enriching the formation of our teachers according to the emerging needs of our society.

8-en-bajaThe Active Teaching Program seeks to develop formative educational activities for teachers, educators, and artists who play an educational role in society. This program follows the wake of a tradition that began in 2012 to invite the prized teachers of the Colorearte Competition as well as other teachers from our partner institutions—Fundación Origin, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, ONG Toki, among others—to assist the Festival Puerto de Ideas of Valparaíso, Chile.

Fundación Mar Adentro has invited more than 140 teachers to attend this event. We have witnessed how this formative experience has led them to successfully transform the learned ideas into concrete actions carried out within their own contexts and communities. Wonderful results are achieved when teachers are invited to take moments of reflection, to think critically, to train, and to immerse themselves in out-of-context creative experiences. We’ve seen teachers bring their new-found revelations to their students and community.

In 2016, Fundación Mar Adentro partnered, through a signed agreement, with the National Council for Culture and the Arts of Chile, which aims to improve Education in Arts and Culture programs and enhance interdisciplinary opportunities. We will set out to do this through initiatives that strengthen the continuous formation of teachers in the fields of art and culture, as well as in the pedagogical training of other educational agents. We will continue to form alliances with other institutions so as to strengthen teacher training across a vast spectrum of disciplines.