Poligonal Podcast

Art, sciences, humanities and ancestral traditions and knowledge come together in this sound journey of creativity, to reflect on the human and non-human relation.

Episodio 3

The table: Community and cohesion

This episode invites us to think about how to build a fairer and more respectful society towards nature. Initiatives to stop food waste, soup kitchens, an education with agroecological principles, and the creation of edible forests are all important steps to achieve a more conscious and equitable food model.

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Episodio 2

The plate: What does what we eat tell us?

Eating is a daily act through which we assimilate the world. It allows us to enjoy smells, colors and flavors. Along with enjoying what we eat, it is important to know the origin and personal, environmental and social implications of our food. From agroecology, philosophy and art, we break down what is on our plate and how we relate to our food.

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Episodio 1

The Origin: Earth and Seeds

The care of traditional seeds and home gardens have become a symbol of resistance. Collaborative work, protection of biodiversity, and adaptation to climate change are some of the benefits of opting for sustainable agriculture, a practice that has become urgent in light of today’s current climate change and health crisis. From art, science and the voice of ancestral knowledge of a community of seed keepers, questions, reflections and answers will arise that will lead us to delve into the origins of what we eat.

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