The Teacher’s Workbook on the Documentary The Irrational Optimist, Created by Fundación Mar Adentro and the Escuela al Cine Program of the National Film Archive Center Now Available

This pedagogic material, now downloadable for free, is designed for teachers working with students from 9th-12th grade on themes such as creativity, inspiration and contact with nature.

This teacher’s workbook was developed by Fundación Mar Adentro in collaboration with the Escuela al Cine program of the Chilean National Film Archive Center, with the purpose of creating a free educational tool that helps teachers utilize Theo Jansen’s documentary in their classroom and proposes relevant topics to review with their students.

This pedagogical material about The Irrational Optimist is part of the Escuela al Cine  program, an initiative of the Chilean National Film Archive Center, funded by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, whose mission is to teach Chilean students about film and audiovisual production.

This workbook will be part of a larger educational kit that will be distributed to more than 80 educational institutions that participate in the Escuela al Cine program. In the kit, Fundación Mar Adentro will also include the documentary The Irrational Optimist, three creative investigation posters and a letter addressed to the teacher, inviting them to reflect on our relationship with nature and our creative capacity.


This educational workbook is also available in this link open to all students and teachers seeking to find ways to analyze the documentary and reflect on topics such as art and science, trial and error in creative processes, and our relationship with nature. More information is also available here: