Last Days of Theo Jansen’s Exhibition. Educational Program to Continue.

More than 40 thousand people have visited Theo Jansen’s exhibition in the Cerrillos National Center of Contemporary Art, while more than 300 children and young adults have attended have participated in the workshops taught by the FabLabs of Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica. In the second semester, the programs will tour across Chile.

Participants at a FabLab Universidad de Chile workshop test out different building ideas.

Sunday, July 1st, will be the last day that Theo Jansen’s Animaris Ordis goes out for its walk in the park next to the Cerrillos National Center for Contemporary Art. After two and a half months in Chile, the eight Strandbeests will be carefully disassembled to continue on to an exhibition in Ecuador.

The Wind Algorithms exhibition has been visited by more than 40 thousand visitors, many of whom are school groups and teachers, who have reflected on the mathematical and imaginative elements that coincide in Jansen’s kinetic sculptures. His works and ideas also inspired the Education Program designed by Fundación Mar Adentro in collaboration with the FabLabs of Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica, and the Cerrillos Center, who organized 34 different workshops for children free of charge.

Although the exhibition is ending, its educational legacy continues with related programs across Chile. First with the Active Teachers program taking place in August, which has invited six educators who created and completed their own workshops using Jansen’s ideas and work from CECREA centers across Chile. The Ecoscience Foundation’s ConCiencia bus, which links scientific research and artistic endeavors, will also carry out accompanying activities in the CECREA centers in La Ligua, La Serena, and Magallanes region.