More than 11 thousand people visited Theo Jansen’s Wind Algorithms during its first week

The exhibition opened on Saturday April 14th and 6 thousand people arrived at the Cerrillos National Center for Contemporary Art on the first weekend of the exhibition, which will be open until July 1st. In a week they added 11,100 visitors.

Theo Jansen’s work has caused a stir among the public: 3,530 people visited the inaugural exhibition to see his extraordinary creations, which arrived for the first time in Chile as a large exhibition in the Cerrillos National Center for Contemporary Art. In a week, there were 11,100 spectators, which marks one of the records in contemporary art exhibitions in Chile.

His 8 Strandbeests, as well as some objects that show his creative process and the documentary “Strandbeesten”, has also served as the basis for an extensive educational program.

The beach animals, animaris—union of the words animal and sea—, are mobile sculptures, made with plastic tubes, that have been evolving organically over the past twenty-seven years: objects close to life that encourage one to explore on forms of creation and the relationship we hold with the environment. One of the animals, Animaris Ordis, walks through the Cerrillos Bicentennial Park, operated by mediators and assistants; another, Animaris Plaudens Vela, the largest amongst the ones on exhibit, is re-animated five times a day in the second floor room of the Center, capable of storing aire to move on its own.

During the exhibition opening Jansen gave a short speech in Spanish, and celebrated the fact that this is a free event, “something very important in a society in which everything has a price.” Accompanied by the Director of the Center, Beatriz Salinas, the Director of Art and Education of Fundación Mar Adentro, Beatriz Bustos, and the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Alejandra Pérez.

It was a family gathering where visitors could share with their friends and close ones over a picnic in the park with live music.

Theo Jansen, in addition, held a talk in Santiago, at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center – GAM, on April 12th, which was transmitted via streaming through the GAM and Ministry of Cultures website. It is not the first time that the artist dictated a talk in Chile: he has previously delivered his vision regarding art, ecology and citizen power yet this time his great work accompanies him this time.

The exhibition is organized by Fundación Mar Adentro and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.
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Beatriz Salinas, Director of the National Center of Contemporary Art Cerrillos delivering her speech during the opening. ©Sebastián Mejía Beatriz Bustos, Director of Art, Education and Culture in Fundación Mar Adentro delivering her inaugural speech. ©Sebastián Mejía Artist Theo Jansen delivering his thank you speech on the opening day. ©Sebastián Mejía Minister of Culture Alejandra Pérez in her speech discurso at the opening event of the exhibition. ©Sebastián Mejía Visitors excitedly observing Animaris Ordis as it moves through the Center's patio. ©Sebastián Mejía More than 3,500 people came out to the exhibition opening! ©Sebastián Mejía Animaris Currens Vulgaris on the 1st floor in Centro Cerrillos, Jansen's first walking animal. ©Sebastián Mejía  The first visitors walking in to see the exhibition Wind Algorithms. ©Sebastián Mejía Fans taking On the 2nd floor visitors will find the Strandbeest Family Tree that explains the evolution of this species. ©Sebastián Mejía Jansen signing his autograph for one of our project collaborators. ©Sebastián Mejía