“Gender and Education: Seeds for an Equitable Future” Gathering

The Resource Foundation (TRF), a non-profit based in New York that facilitates philanthropic donor activities to Latin America and the Caribbean, together with Fundación Origen of Pirque, conducted the "Gender and Education: Seeds for an Equitable Future" event held on April 14 between 3:00 and 6:00 pm in the Transoceánica Campus of Vitacura.

This interactive meeting brought together NGOs from Latin American countries that participate in the TRF’s Regional Education and Gender Equity Program– that took place during the same week in the premises of Fundación Origen–as well as distinguished panelists and invited representatives of national and international organizations.

Roundtable discussions

“Education and Gender: Seeds for an Equitable Future” began with a presentation that then led to group activities that explored and contemplated on education and gender equality as fundamental pillars for the development of the region. Each of the panelists presented the issue from their perspective and scenario, which created an interesting dialogue that crossed territorial, political and conceptual barriers.

The Panelists:

Mary Anne Müller: Creator and Executive Director of Fundación Origen 

María de los Ángeles Fernández Ramil: Adviser and Head of the Gender Equality Unit of the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency (Chile); political analyst; creator and President of Hay Mujeres
Bárbara Saavedra: Biologist and Ecologist; Director of Wildlife Conservation Society Chile
María Paz Epelman: President of AcciónRSE and Vice President of Public Affairs and RSE of VTR
Gian Paolo Einaudi (moderator): Social Investment Director of The Resource Foundation

About The Resource Foundation

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