New Webinar: “Nature and the Constitution: Contributions from IUCN to the Chilean Constitutional process”

The webinar, organized by the Chilean Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), will take place on Thursday, March 10. Its objective is to present various different experiences that may contribute to the Chilean Constitutional process and the incorporation of nature in the country’s new Constitution.

The initiative will take place on March 10 at 7:00pm (Chile time) / 5:00pm (Ecuador time). During the hour-long event, three speakers will participate: Andrés Pinto Espinosa, President of the IUCN Chilean Committee; Ana Di Pangracio, IUCN Regional Counselor for South America; and Gabriel Quijandría Acosta, IUCN Regional Director for South America. The panel will be moderated by Amerindia Jaramillo, Head of Conservation of Fundación Mar Adentro.

Andrés Pinto will address the topic “Environmental ethics and its influence on Constitutions”, whilst Ana Di Pangracio will focus on “Consecration of environmental care in the Constitution and its effects in various legal bodies”, drawing on experiences from Argentina. Lastly, Gabriel Quijandría will speak about “Nature in the Constitution: public policies and international organizations”. To participate in the webinar, guests must register in this link. It will also be recorded and will remain available in ASI Conserva Chile’s Youtube account.

It should be noted that the IUCN Chilean Committee is composed of governmental and civil society organizations that implement IUCN-issued guidelines throughout the country. In addition, it seeks to be an instance to bring the Chilean public closer to the global discussion on conservation, whilst positioning the country and its demands within the international context. Currently, the IUCN National Committee includes the following NGOs: ASI Conserva Chile, CODEFF, Fundación Mar Adentro, Terram, Fundación Tierra Austral and Fundación Palma Chilena.

About the participants and the moderator:

Andrés Pinto: Executive Director and Vice President of Fundación Llampangui and President of ASI Conserva Chile. Active member of the Commission of Experts on Protected Areas and President of the Chilean Committee of IUCN. In addition, he teaches classes on regulations and institutions for conservation and on environmental ethics and philosophy.
Andrés is a conservationist, with a degree in Arts with a major in Music and also a lawyer from the University of Chile, with a Master’s degree in Cultural Management, Tourism and Nature from the Instituto Ortega y Gasset in Spain and a Master’s degree in Wilderness Areas and Nature Conservation from the University of Chile.

Ana Di Pangracio: Lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires, specializing in Environmental Law and with a Postgraduate degree in Gender and Law from the same university. She is currently IUCN Regional Councilor for South America. Since 2010, Ana has worked at the Environment and Natural Resources Foundation, coordinating the Biodiversity area, and since May 2013 she is also its Deputy Executive Director. She is a member of the Women’s Group of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and Regional Councilor of the International Union for Conservation of Nature for the period 2021-2025. She is a member of three IUCN Specialist Commissions. She was president of the IUCN South American Committee between 2017 and 2019 and coordinator of the IUCN Argentine Committee between 2015 and 2021. In addition, she teaches at the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires.

Gabriel Quijandría: IUCN Regional Director for South America. He is an expert in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of environmental policies with an emphasis on climate change, financing sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. He has been Minister of the Environment of Peru, Vice Minister of Strategic Development of Natural Resources, Regional Director for Peru, Colombia and Ecuador of the Conservation Strategy Fund, Co-president of the Green Climate Fund and Representative in Peru of The Nature Conservancy. He is a member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas. Gabriel has a degree in Sociology from the University of the Republic of Uruguay and a master’s degree in Natural Resources Administration from INCAE Business School in Costa Rica.

Amerindia Jaramillo: Biologist from the Catholic University of Temuco, Master in Water Resources from the Austral University of Chile and Master of Science from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. She has carried out applied research in ecological risk assessment, economics of natural resources, and dynamics of socio-ecological systems. Between 2012 and 2022, she worked at the Chilean Ministry of the Environment, first in the design and evaluation of regulatory instruments for nature protection and then in the development of environmental policies for the conservation and management of aquatic ecosystems and hydrographic basins. She is currently in charge of the conservation area of the Fundación Mar Adentro.