Nesting houses were installed in Bosque Pehuén

A concrete conservation action that has the objective of increasing the nesting possibilities of nocturnal birds of prey.

In general, the nesting cavities required by these birds have to be quite large and they need to be able to provide protection against water, wind, cold, heat, etc. They are usually found in old-growth trees and are created by woodpeckers or by fallen large branches, so the probability of a bird finding them is low.

But building nesting houses increases their nesting possibilities. In turn, this entails other additional objectives, such as investigating the process of egg laying, incubation and chick development; or incrementing the presence of these birds closer to urban or rural areas to control pests (mainly rodents).

The two nesting houses installed in Bosque Pehuén (Fundación Mar Adentro’ privately protected area of conservation located in the Araucanía Andina) were designed for the white owl (Tyto alba), a model obtained from the NGO The Barn Owl Trust. And since the Concón (Strix rufipes) also uses nesting cavities and is similar in size than the white owl, they can also reach them.

The first house was installed on a old-growth coigüe, approximately 6 meters high. The second nesting house was placed in an adult oak 4.5 meters above the ground.

The expectation is that a white owl or a Concón will arrive and we will be able to observe their reproductive and rearing period. If this happens, the intention is to then generate dissemination material and thus be able to replicate this type of practices and contribute to the conservation of nocturnal raptors together with neighboring areas of Bosque Pehuén.

Reproductive periods takes place between September and October, –that is, the mating and nesting–meanwhile, the laying of eggs, rearing and emancipation of the chicks occurs throughout the summer and ends in March-April. In other words, we hope these birds begin housing these new homes starting this month until late fall. More updates to come soon!