A new academic year begins for the Programa de Apoyo Integral (Comprehensive Support Program)

The Programa de Apoyo Integral (PAI; or Comprehensive Support Program, in English) is a program that supports undergraduate students of the Universidad Alberto Hurtado, in the development of their academic, personal and environmental skills, with a critical and committed view of society.

PAIIn 2022, 17 students will participate in the PAI. Five of them began their studies this year in Pedagogy in Biology and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy in Music, Pedagogy in Mathematics, Psychology and Social Work.

The PAI has been carried out since 2017 by Fundación Mar Adentro and Universidad Alberto Hurtado (UAH) and is aimed at undergraduate students who are studying at the aforementioned University and have not been able to access the state’s free admission to higher education. Its objective is to provide financial support for students to successfully complete their education and, at the same time, encourage students to widen their networks, strengthen their personal development and expand their environmental and social awareness.

The program grants students economic financing of up to 100% of their university tuition, as well as resources to finance expenses associated with their studies. In addition, it includes personalized support and comprehensive development activities, such as: volunteering, workshops on reflection and personal development and multidisciplinary training instances as complements to their academic studies.

To achieve this, FMA designs and encourages experiences to promote the development of various personal and social aspects. Through the students’ participation in volunteering, the program promotes a spirit of collaboration and gives participants the possibility of becoming agents of social change. On the other hand, the comprehensive development sessions are designed for students to diversify their university experiences, providing a transdisciplinary view that promotes self-reflection and critical thought, by participating in activities with students from other courses. Lastly, the PAI also seeks to promote new cultural experiences to encourage students’ curiosity and interest in new types of knowledge and experiences, developing their artistic sensitivity and a sense of amazement for their surroundings.

The PAI is a project that has been developed progressively over the years, recognizing the different needs and interests that have arisen in students. This way, it has consolidated itself as a program that is capable of giving students a deeper and more enriching university experience.