Programa Apoyo Integral 2021 launches its open call for students

Undergraduate students from Alberto Hurtado University of Santiago, Chile who have completed at least one year of study will be able to apply online from September 21 to October 6.

The Holistic Support Program (PAI – from its original Spanish name Programa de Apoyo Integral) has been running since 2017 by Fundación Mar Adentro and Alberto Hurtado University (UAH). Aimed at undergraduate students from said university and who are unable to access full scholarships, the program’s objective is to provide them with financial support so they are able to successfully complete their studies, while encouraging students to widen their networks, strengthen their personal development and environmental awareness, among other goals.

The program consists of the following components and commitments:

  • Financing of 50-100% of tuition fees as well as other expenses related to their studies and food expenses;
  • Personalized support to enable students to strengthen their potential;
  • Comprehensive development activities that include volunteer work, outreach activities and days of experimental training, dialogue and exchange of multidisciplinary experiences that complement their academic training.

Those interested in applying to the PAI 2021 must be undergraduate students of UAH who have completed their first year of studies and who have not been granted full State scholarships. Likewise, the students must be within the top 35% of their course’s ranking and also demonstrate that they require financial support to fund their studies. Selected students will be chosen by a team of representatives from Fundación Mar Adentro, the UAH Student Affairs Directorate and the Centro Universitario Ignaciano.

To learn more about the program, its requirements, dates and application form, please see the following links below:

  1. PAI general information
  2. PAI regulation
  3. Application form (application period has ended, currently not available)
  4. Socio-economic characterization Annex (application period has ended, currently not available)


  • September 21 to October 6: Open call period and reception of applications via required form.
  • October 1, 12:00pm:
    Online presentation of the program (prior registration is required and will be the only opportunity to resolve queries).
  • October 19:
    Notification sent to pre-selected and non-selected students via email.
  • October 24 to November 13:
    Pre-selection process: psychological evaluation of interests and individual interviews.
  • First week of December:
    Final notification send out to selected and non-selected students via email.