Applications for FMA Grant Now Open

Fundación Mar Adentro has created a new grant to finance innovative and transdisciplinary projects that promote the conservation of ecosystems and their biodiversity.

Applications will be received from January 11 until March 29, 2021. All projects must be developed in Chile and will receive a maximum amount of up to $ 5,000,000 chilean pesos. In addition, selected initiatives will also be monitored throughout different stages of its development by different members of our team. 

Among other things, projects are expected to be creative and innovative, encourage transdisciplinariety (arts / humanities / sciences) and have a strong focus on community outreach and engagement. In addition, the grant seeks to support initiatives that can be projected in the long term and that preferably take place in territories beyond the Metropolitan Region of Chile.

Foundations, NGOs, institutions, groups and also individuals (although they are encouraged to apply on behalf of a team or together with an institution) may apply for this fund, which once awarded implies commitments between the foundation and whoever executes the project.

It should be noted that those who win the fund will have the possibility to re-apply the following year with different stages of development, up to 3 consecutive years.

More information about the 2021-2022 guidelines of this grant as well as application requirements can be found in the following downloadable documents (Note: all applications must be written in Spanish, the following information is only provided in Spanish):

  1. Bases Fondo FMA
  2. Formulario de postulación online
  3. Anexo planilla tipo de presupuesto
  4. Anexo planilla tipo de Carta Gantt

This fund does NOT seek to support projects with the following characteristics:

  • Advertising / political campaigns
  • Sponsorship of commercial events
  • International projects without direct impact in Chile
  • Business ventures
  • Artistic residencies (if this is of your interest, visit our Bosque Pehuén residency program)
  • Scholarships (including undergraduate and /or graduate studies)
  • Projects with other partners and / or collaborators working in the fields of mining, paper / wood industry, agricultural exploitation, or other extractive activities
  • Art exhibitions
  • Publishing and printing of publications
  • We do not look for projects in the ideation stage, more so projects that already have a validation that allows them to develop.