Lea Moro: Awarded in Zurich

Swiss choreographer Lea Moro, who recently participated in Fundación Mar Adentro's residency program in Bosque Pehuén with Chilean documentalist and musician Andrés Bucci from the 5th - 15th of January, has received the Förderpreis Kanton Zürich award.

After spending ten days in residency in Bosque Pehuén and traveling to Buenos Aires to continue her work in Latin America, the choreographer Lea Moro has received the Förderpreis Kanton Zürich award.

Lea Moro in Bosque Pehuén ©Andrés Bucci.

Each year, the Governing Council of the Canton of Zurich awards two sponsorship prizes each year on the proposal of the cantonal cultural promotion commission. This award recognizes persons or groups whose artistic or cultural work is of high quality and has great development potential. The prize is endowed with CHF 30,000.

This year, the prize was granted as well to Katja Brunner. Both Lea and Katja are young artists whose work has already caused a stir both nationally and internationally.

Choreographer Lea Moro, together with documentalist and music producer Andrés Bucci, carried out a residency in Fundación Mar Adentro’s Bosque Pehuén during which, in addition to learning and connecting with and about the natural environment, they assisted in the installation of the Tres Hermanas weather station as an artistic experience. This residency was conducted within the Coincidencia Program  and YAA! – Young Associated Artist Program in cooperation with Tanzhaus Zürich and Pro Helvetia, and the coordination and consulting provided by Key Performance, Switzerland.

Weather station installation.

Araucarias ©Andrés Bucci.

They also shared visions with the director of Culture, Art and Education of Fundación Mar Adentro, Beatriz Bustos O., and the possibilities of carrying out a collaborative work of art in Chile that combines choreographic bodily movements inspired on tree dynamics, to be danced to the music and bird recordings of the forest environment made by Andrés Bucci. The artists truly valued the opportunity to approach nature and its study through actions and conversations, and also learn about other lives and work dynamics.