Art Residency in the South of Chile

Three contemporary artists participate in an innovative international residency in the south of Chile, in the region of the Araucanía: French artist Etienne de France, New Zealand Maori artist Charlotte Graham and Chilean artist Gianfranco Foschino.

New Zealand Maori artist, Charlotte Graham (1972), French artist Etienne de France (1984) and Chilean artist Gianfranco Foschino (1983) were selected this year by Fundación Mar Adentro to participate in their residency program that seeks to establish dialogues between different disciplines to encourage awareness on nature conservation issues.

The program seeks to provide a cultural and scientific exchange and learning experience among professionals to foster international collaboration. The initiative also generates instances for artists to share knowledge and reflections generated in activities with local communities.

Each of the artists carries out processes of investigation and of artistic production related to nature, the territory and indigenous culture.

A work in progress sketch by Etienne de France

Etienne de France’s work focuses on conceptually reflecting on temporality and existing limits between reality and fiction, as well as territorial and landscape elements such as boundaries, seasons and its changes, by means of architecture, photography, writing, video and drawing.

Work by Charlotte Graham

Charlotte Graham works from her biography. Her Maori heritage activates the critical issues she develops in her work, issues affecting her community in New Zealand. With an emphasis on social and political denunciation, Graham recently incorporates environmental conservation issues within her artistic discourse. Committed to ecological causes that affect her community on a daily basis, she utilizes drawing, painting, mixed techniques, sculpture and engraving to speak out and reflect upon these concerns.

Sierra Nevada, video by Gianfranco Foschino

Gianfranco Foschino’s work plays with the temporality needed to inhabit the landscape in a contemplative way, which translates in real time in the videos he develops. In Bosque Pehuén Foschino will explore and dialogue with the inhabitants of the forest (birds and animals) to elaborate a sound project.

The residency considers four different aspects and lines of work:

One of the waterfalls in Bosque Pehuén

The schools that participate in these activities are the schools that also participated during the first residency. The directors of each school are contacted and together with the Foundation a series of workshops are created according to their needs and interests. The participating schools are Quelhue, José Miguel Martínez Soto (Palguín Bajo) and Carileufu.

On Wednesday May 3rd, the artists will also participate in a roundtable discussion at the National Museum of Natural History at 7:00 p.m., together with Beatriz Bustos O., Director of Arts, Culture and Education of Fundación Mar Adentro and Carlos Mendoza, Project Coordinator of Conservation of Fundación Mar Adentro.

This initiative corresponds to the second version of the FMA residency program in Chile. The first was with eight illustrators, four from Chile and four from the Nordic countries, whose experience led to the development of a book and the participation of Chilean artists in different cultural activities.

The presence of New Zealand artist Charlotte Graham was made possible thanks to the support of The Arts Council of New Zealand, Creative New Zealand within the framework of an alliance that has been created with FMA.

Roundtable discussion
Fundación Mar Adentro

Date: Wednesday May 3rd, 2017

Time: 19:00 hrs

Place: Museo Nacional de Historia Natural
Room: Zona Océano

Limited capacity. Sign up at:
Most of the conversation will be held in English.

French artist, Etienne de France The Journey, by Etienne de France. A permanent sculpture made of wood, aluminum and galvanized steel, completed in 2015. Rise, by Etienne de France, is a collection of seventeen ephemeral sculptures that occupy the Island of Domaine in Chamarande. Rise, by Etienne de France The New Zealand Maori artist, Charlotte Graham along with her work Picket Waka. Picket Waka, by Charlotte Graham. Kaitiaki by Charlotte Graham. A view of Charlotte Graham's Kaitiaki exhibition. Chilean artist Gianfranco Foschino Fildes Bay, 2016, Gianfranco Foschino. Espiritu Santo (Holy Spirit), 2013, Gianfranco Foschino. Fluxus, Silence for 5, Gianfranco Foschino.