Poligonal: Our New Podcast Soon to be Released

A sound journey that raises environmental issues from different perspectives and disciplines.

In this podcast the art, science, humanities and ancestral traditions come together in a sound journey full of creativity, to question and learn about urgent reflections on the human-nature relationship. A project that was born from confinement, as an opportunity to continue with our Poligonal dialogues program in times of pandemic.

Poligonal is a program of live conversations that emerged in 2019 with the aim of generating a space for reflection for the general public, connecting artists with scientists to address socio-environmental issues from different perspectives, to broaden visions and present new approaches for more creative and holistic solutions for the care of nature.

Faced with the need to make these conversations viable and expand to new audiences, Fundación Mar Adentro created its own Poligonal podcast, whose innovative format includes soundscapes and testimonies from artists, scientists, communities and experts in relation to the topics addressed in each episode. This first season has been created with the collaboration of Catalina May, creator of the Las Raras podcast and editor of Adonde Media (international podcast agency).

Each episode will deal with a theme related to the care of nature from different perspectives. The first episode, “The Origin: Earth and Seeds”, is part of a trilogy on food, where in each episode different aspects related to what we eat are addressed: impacts, rites, forms of cultivation and solidarity, among others.

The first episode “The Origin: Earth and Seeds”, which will be released on November 6, speaks of how each seed contains a story, the story of people who have been working alongside these traditional seeds and acquiring years of experience alongside indigenous and family-farming communities and the how its forms of cultivation and positively or negatively affect biodiversity and respect or hinder an ancestral biocultural heritage. This first episode will take a journey through the life experiences of: Hortensia Lemus from the Diaguita Chipasse ta Tatara indigenous community, dedicated to the protection of traditional seeds in the Huasco Province, in Chile; with visual artist Enrique Ramírez, recently nominated for the Marcel Duchamp 2020 award, on his artistic productions revolving community seedbeds and the creative potential of the chakra; and with Constanza Monterrubio, Mexican biologist, who for a few years has been investigating the biocultural heritage of food in La Araucanía in the South of Chile.

Hosted by the journalist Macarena Fernández, radio host, content editor and scriptwriter on Radio Play, together with different members of the foundation’s team, the Poligonal podcast is a new creative proposal to generate awareness and action for the care of nature.

All the podcast episodes will be created in Spanish, yet all associated information as well as transcriptions will be available in English. The podcast will be available starting November 6 on our website (fundacionmaradentro.cl), and Revista Endemico’s website as well as on Spotify and Google Play.