Poligonal Nº2: Talks on creativity + social action for the planet

On December 3, visual arts, science and sound performance come together to reflect on the social crisis and inequality in an international forum, between 9:30 and 12:30, at the National Institute Extension Center.

Taking place at the National Institute Extension Center (Arturo Part 33, Metro Universidad de Chile), the activity will be held from 9:30 to 12:30. Those interested in participating should register using the following link: https://cutt.ly/poligonal.

This international forum will feature the participation of national and foreign guests in the arts and sciences, who will be talking on the climate and social crisis from a multidisciplinary perspective. One of the speakers, Paul Rosero Contreras, will talk about art and ecology; followed by the Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard, who will present a sound performance on the melting of glaciers.

Lastly, a discussion on the climate and social crisis will be moderated by the botanical illustrator Geraldine Mackinnon. Participants will include the aforementioned guests, together with Catalina Amigo, specialist in socio-environmental studies of the Red Pobreza Energética of the Universidad de Chile, and Andrés Briceño, Director of Fab Lab Santiago.

The Speakers

Paul Rosero is an internationally recognized Ecuadorian artist who works with scientific and social information. From various narratives, he explores topics related to geopolitics, environmental issues, and the relationship between human beings and ecosystems in audiovisual platforms. His work has been shown in various biennials and exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, United States and Ecuador, among others.

On the other hand, Jacob Kirkegaard is a sound artist who explores the unnoticed or inaccessible aspects for human beings and society. His work addresses topics such as the radioactivity in Chernobyl and Fukushima; melting ice in the Arctic circle; border walls in Palestine; and the sounds of death. His investigation on these phenomena is translated into sound, video and photography compositions that seek to create spaces for reflection. Kirkegaard has shown his work in galleries, museums, biennials and concerts all over the world: the MoMa in New York, ARoS and Louisiana Museum in Denmark, the Sydney Biennial in Australia, and the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, among others. He is also a founding member of the freq_out sound art collective and the TOPOS NGO. Currently, he is completing a residency in Chile’s Fundación Tajamar.

Catalina Amigo, another of this forum’s participants, is a specialist in socio-environmental and vulnerability studies in the context of socio-natural disasters. She is currently the Executive Coordinator of the Energy Poverty Network, a transdisciplinary collaboration platform for academics, researchers, students, civil society organizations and public and private institutions. The platform seeks to address energy poverty in Chile and Latin America, as a phenomenon that includes access, quality and equity, and which accounts for a facet of inequality that has not been previously addressed. Due to its complexity, it requires collaboration between various actors and a holistic viewpoint that connects different disciplines in the search for solutions.

Andrés Briceño, who will also participate in the discussion panel, is an architect with vast experience in social projects. He is co-founder of Corporación Misión Urbana and Architecture for Humanity Chile, and is currently a professor at the School of Design of Chile’s Universidad Católica and Director of Fab Lab Santiago. The latter is a space for innovation, experimentation and development of design, architecture and urbanism projects, in which new media is used for creation.

Poligonal Nº2: Talks on creativity + social action for the planet, is an event organized by Fundación Mar Adentro and is one of the main activities of Sinergia 25, an international collaborative platform created with the objective of creating spaces of reflection and international multidisciplinary cooperation to creatively act on issues related to the climate crisis, within the framework of COP 25. The platform arose from the joint motivation of various organizations, such as: Fundación Mar Adentro, Art of Change 21 (created at COP21 Paris), Schneider Foundation and Fab Lab Santiago. In addition, Fundación Tajamar and revista Endémico are also collaborators of the event.

Download the program here.