Ojo de agua, a sensory journey to watery depths: the immersive experience by Fundación Mar Adentro at FECI Araucanía 2022

The Science Festival of the Araucanía (FECI) 2022 will take place between October 2 and 8. The free event will culminate with a festival of sciences, arts and knowledge at the Museo Ferroviario Pablo Neruda de Temuco, from 10:00 am onwards, during which Fundación Mar Adentro will be participating in various initiatives.

To support the dissemination of the art-science intersection, Fundación Mar Adentro will participate in FECI 2022 through three instances: an immersive experience entitled “Ojo de agua, a sensory journey to watery depths”; a participatory and reflective space called “Speaking with the waters”; and a stand with the publications and educational resources created by the foundation.

Based on the slogan “Groundwater. Making the invisible visible”, which was part of this year’s World Water Day, Fundación Mar Adentro will intervene a train wagon’s dining car to turn it into a space for the art-science intersection. It will be an immersive experience that invites people to approach the water with all five senses, to dive into the various imaginaries that arise with the sound, texture and movement of this element. There will also be a space to explore the written word, lines and codes that awaken other languages, memories and messages of water; questions, meanings and poetics that come from watery depths, sometimes abstract, but that resonate in the water molecules that circulate throughout our body.

3,000 visitors are expected this year to the Museo Ferroviario Pablo Neruda de Temuco (Av. Barros Arana 0565) from different parts of the Araucanía region for the final FECI celebration on October 8. The event will be a collaboration between universities, research centers, public organizations, NGOs and art companies, among others.

FECI Araucanía is presented by Explora La Araucanía, a project that aims to promote the link between science and society, through various initiatives of education and scientific dissemination, technology, knowledge and innovation in the region. It is financed by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, and led by the UC Center for Local Development of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Campus Villarrica. The Science Festival (FECI) is one of the activities with the greatest impact, which takes place in various cities throughout the country. A national event, it is aimed at all audiences and seeks to position science and knowledge in the collective imagination as part of culture, promoting its dissemination and appropriation.