New Graphic Identity of Universidad Alberto Hurtado Signage

As a part of its twenty-year anniversary celebration, the heritage campus of the Alberto Hurtado University (UAH) installed a new signage system, which will facilitate and unify the location and identification system for the entire university community and its visitors.

The thirty historic houses, built in the 1920s and 30s, are located between the streets of Alameda, Almirante Barroso, Erasmo Escala and Cienfuegos, and make up a campus where the university life of more than 7,500 people takes place, including students, academics and visitors. After repairing all interior façades and connecting interior patios, gardens and installing outdoor furniture, a new signage system and graphic identity was developed to better indicate locations, circulation indications, names, and other useful information for members of the University community as well as external visitors.

The project, coordinated by UAH together with Fundación Mar Adentro, was developed by Sumo architecture and design office. They efficiently created a simple and friendly system that communicates information pertinent to the location and identification of the various buildings, faculties, services and places in addition to indicating the correct form of circulation and travel within the campus, through its beautiful interconnected patios, places that give life to this campus.

The new signage, together with unifying and simplifying the different written and graphic references that were previously being utilized, also reinforces the identity of the university and also the patrimonial nature of its buildings, their design alluding to architectural references.