From the interculturality to photography and illustration were the multiple perspectives that were addressed in the Illustrated Territory Workshop

During the International Arts Education Week from May 15-17, participants reflected and translated their vision of the Mapuche territory into a collective work of art.

Each session began with a space to recall the Mapuche (indigenous peoples of Chile) approach, highlighting the importance behind caring for our community and nature, and the importance of sharing. The workshop participants ate sopaipillas and were asked to pass around the mate herbal drink, while Alejandra Carimán (Intercultural Advisor of the La Moneda Cultural Center) invited them to introduce themselves in mapudungun–language spoken by the Mapuche–and later reflect on their own proximity to the language, the mapuche worldview, and interculturality.

During the workshop, the Mapuche realm was explored from different perspectives. First, participants reflected on images that they were asked to bring followed by a presentation on Mapuche identity through photography by Daniela Meliang, visual artist and part of the CCLM mediation team.

Subsequently, illustrator Tomás Olivos invited the participants to create a collective piece on a large paper spread. Through this activity, the participants embodied the Mapuche territory imagery through different artistic techniques.

Thus, through drawing and painting, the participants portrayed how each of their territories can coexist, forming a whole in which each element of nature is important and interconnected.