Over 100 people participated in Ciudad Ambiental: creativity workshops + action for the planet

An eductional program organized by Fundación Mar Adentro which addressed climate change from the perspective of migrations, endemic flora and conservation of seeds, coastal areas, food and waste.

The activities, which were open to the public, took place at the La Moneda Cultural Center (CCLM) between January 4 and 18. Children, youths and adults were able to better understand climate change through a variety of different workshops such as: “Human Migration: An Opportunity for Development”; “Discovering Coastal Areas”; “Medicinal Native Flora: Caring to Protect”; “Food and Colors for Biodiversity” and “From Waste to Jewel”.

 Through these workshops participants had the opportunity to learn about the migratory phenomenon in Chile; experience the route of water from the mountains to the sea; identify the elements of the Pacific basin and learn more about medicinal herbs and native foods, among other things. These were all based on participative and experimental methodologies linked to artistic exercises.

Parts of these workshops were then replicated at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM). Betweene the 21st and 24th of January, teachers working in different disciplines participated in the activities with the objective of eventually carrying them out in their own educational communities in the near future.

Ciudad Ambiental (Environmental City) activities were the result of the collaborative work between Fundación Mar Adentro and the following organizations that led each of the individual workshops based on their expertise and experience: Fundación An Nou Palé, Fundación Aula de Mar, Cooperativa Semilla Austral and Fab Lab Santiago, while the CCLM and GAM supported the management and facilitation of spaces that made these initiatives possible.