Launching of 2012 Puerto de Ideas Festival

The launching of the 2nd version of the Puerto de Ideas Festival, which will take place on November 9, 10 and 11 in Valparaiso and will be focused in 2012 on the idea of creativity and creative processes, was held on Wednesday, October 22, with a press conference.

This version of the festival featured major national guests, such as poet Elicura Chihuailaf, filmmaker Marialy Rivas, marine biologist Ricardo Letelier, architect Borja Huidobro, and playwright Gastón Salvatore. The international guests included writer Almudena Grandes, intellectual Tzvetan Todorov,  Alberto Manguel, the renowned scientist Marco Iacoboni, discoverer of the “mirror neuron”, the Italian historian expert in heritage, Salvatore Settis and the French-Catalan circus company, Crida Company.

At the conference, the writers Pablo Simonetti and Mario Valdovinos together with actress María Izquierdo –guests of this second version – discussed the central theme of the Festival. “Ecos del Puerto” (Echoes from the Port) was also shown, a micro documentary that records the positive mood this Cultural Festival stirs up, reliving part of the city’s potential as a port of entry and platform for the generation of ideas.

With the expectation of maintaining and increasing the high attendance reached in  2011, in 2012 the Festival intensified its goal of resorting to a new, entertaining and more profound way of making culture in Chile, bringing the audience closer to the experiences of creators and their particular creative processes.

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