The Podcast Revolution

A dialogue to take place in Festival Puerto de Ideas Valparaíso 2020 in which the guest speakers will reflect on this audio format and its potencial uses in education.

Between November 4 and 9, the Puerto de Ideas Valparaíso 2020 festival will be held for the first time in digital, free of charge. Once again, Fundación Mar Adentro collaborates with this cultural initiative that celebrates its tenth anniversary and that invites us to reflect on the future together with great writers, thinkers, artists, experts and scientists of our time.

On this occasion, the foundation organized a conversation on podcasts with two great experts in this field. Due to its increasing accessibility, podcasts are have become widely used in areas such as journalism, culture, science and education. A resource that has gained special value during the pandemic. In this conversation, two podcast creators will reflect on their experience with this format and the future of its use in education.

The panel is composed of the following speakers: Catalina May, journalist and co-creator of  the highly recognized and awarded Las Raras podcast, a non-fiction short story podcast that tells stories of people who defy the norms and the status quo in Latin America, Spain and the United States. Their episodes use field recordings, interviews, script writing, soundscapes, sound design, and original music. She is also and Editor at  Doulingo Spanish Podcast; and Martina Castro, founder and CEO of Adonde Media, a podcast production company and agency based in Brooklyn, New York, where she has produced internationally distributed content for clients such as Duolingo, TED, NPR and Vice News. Additionally, she is the director of the Spanish-speaking podcast community, Podcaster@s, and co-founder of Radio ambulante podcast. She also regularly conducts talks and workshops on radio narrative for various international organizations.

The podcast revolution will be a conversation (held in Spanish) that will focus on the characteristics of podcasts and their implications for the future of education and that will be moderated by chilean journalist Macarena Fernández, broadcaster, content editor and scriptwriter for Radio Play and host of Fundación Mar Adentro’s Poligonal podcast.

Click here to download the complete program of Puerto de Ideas 2020.