IV Annual Comic Book and Illustration Event

With Liniers, PowerPaola and Alberto Montt as this year's special guests, the Fourth Annual Comic Book and Illustration Event is an instance that offers lectures, workshops, an exhibition, and a fair of illustrators and publishers. The three featured artists exhibit their original works in the Casona Nemesio Antúnez of La Reina in Santiago, sponsored by Fundación Mar Adentro.

The Argentine Ricardo Siri Liniers, a reference of illustration in Latin America, Colombian Power Paola, globetrotter artist and a pioneer in autobiographical comic books, and Chilean Alberto Montt, whose graphic humor has been features in many publications in mass media and blogs, are this years main guests in the Fourth Annual Comic Book and Illustration Event, a recognized initiative that brings together an Illustrators and Publishers Fair, an exhibition of original works by the main guests, lectures, workshops, discussions, performances, and more, on Saturday, July 23 between 11:00 am and 8:00 pm in the Centro Cultural Nemesio Antúnez Casona de La Reina, Santiago.

Prior to the major event, an exhibition with originals by the main guests will be available for viewing from July 7th, a show that brings together works from their most famous publications such as Linier’s Macanudo (several of its volumes), Daily Dose by Montt, and sketches that invite one to travel through the fascinating journey that the intimate sketchbooks of PowerPaola offer.

For the main event on July 23rd, under the context of the Fair, the main guests will be present to talk about their works and host book signing sessions throughout the entire event. Additionally, well-known young national exponents belonging to the new wave of illustrations and graphic humorists such as Malaimagen, Maliki, Sol Díaz, Juan Vásquez, among many others, will be participating with their stands, hosting book signings, imparting conferences and participating in illustration duels and roundtable discussions. The fair will be open from Friday 22nd at 5 pm.

Sponsored by Fundación Mar Adentro, the Fourth Annual Comic Book and Illustration Event in La Reina, Santiago will also host design and game shops, cosplayers, groups of fantasy and science fiction, card games and strategy games, and much more.

Event and exhibition entrances are free of charge.

Exhibition opening: Thursday 7th of July.
Fair opening: Friday 22nd of July, starting 5:00 pm.
Main event: Saturday 23rd of July, 2016, from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm.

Produced by: Centro Cultural Casona Nemesio Antúnez and La Reina Municipality. Sponsored by: Fundación Mar Adentro. Contributors: Asociación de Industriales de La Reina, Chilean Embassy of Argentina, National Council of Culture and The Arts of Chile, and the Matta Cultural Center. This project adheres to the Law of Cultural Donations.