Towards a new image at Fundación Mar Adentro: Graphic identity seeks to reflect the dynamism of nature

Since the beginning of the foundation, the development of research, experiences and artistic creations in favor of the care of nature have guided our path. A route that has been nourished by transdisciplinary searches and collective reflections to develop visual languages that dialogue with the biodiversity and creativity that inhabit the intersection of art and science.


The multisensory, synesthetic and symbiotic senses and perspectives that are present in nature have guided us in constant learning and, at the same time, have stimulated our ability to visualize and represent topics such as relationships between humans and more than humans; biocultural knowledge; artistic mediation methodologies; new narratives and a series of images that constitute a collection of art, education, science and ecology.

Thus, for more than a decade, we have advanced towards a graphic identity that allows us, at one or more levels, to portray the projects and programs we carry out in dialogue with the collaborative spirit that emerges in changing socio ecosystems. Today, aware of this permanent movement that exists in nature of which we are a part of, we undertook a challenge towards creativity and critical thinking, which consisted of articulating the first steps to form a flexible, reflective and dynamic visual identity.

This path has led us to think and rethink symbols and meanings that motivate and challenge us. The primitive observations of naturalists and botanists who visited unexplored territories, illustrations arising from drifts in nature, as well as multiple colors, textures and visual hybridizations that are perceived in each season, were some of the inspirations that took place in these months of work. 

We are experiencing a process of transformation towards a new visual identity created from the collection and appreciation of elements of nature to translate our own language collectively. Our renewed visual identity, as you can see in our multimedia platforms, includes a wide palette of colors that reflects the socio-ecological realities that coexist in our foundation.

Nuevo logo FMA


The first rebranding milestone has materialized in a new logo that honors the beginnings of our foundation and, at the same time, encapsulates the story behind this image created by our CEO, Madeline Hurtado: the design fuses a circle that represents unity, continuity and infinity, and a triangle that evokes spiritual sensitivity. These elements return in a more circular form that appeals to the organizational arrangement in which the foundation team works, achieving a balanced and coherent visual presentation with its original appearance.

Likewise, new templates adapted to our digital platforms, illustrations that will dialogue with photographs, will be some of the first changes that you will be able to see soon on the homepage of our website, a new commitment present in the newsletter and a palette that refers to biodiversity are part of this visuality in development, which will seek to keep alive the stimuli to reflect, act and learn about how to multiply awareness about the need to protect and value a nature that welcomes us in its permanent cycles of change and regeneration.