Fundación Mar Adentro participates in the 2022 Digital Culture Meet

The initiative will take place until January 15, bringing together national and international experts and artists. FMA will be collaborating in the section entitled “Insights into the digital”.

Promoted by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, the 2022 Digital Culture Meet includes the exhibition of video art works, online classes and a series of presentations  on the world of digital culture via a website that showcases the content as capsules that are accessible to all citizens.

The event is divided into various sections. “Insights into the digital” includes the participation of renowned national and international specialists, including the Bolivian anthropologist and expert in digital culture and transmedia narratives Mariana Delgado; Mexican artist and theorist Ulises Ali Mejías; president of Fab Lab Perú, Beno Juárez; and our Head of Art & Publications, Maya Errázuriz. “Digital curatorships”, on the other hand, is a journey through experimental works that combine art, science and technology, which include collaborations from the artists Matías Labbé, Claudia Müller, Cristóbal Cea, Sebastián Calfuqueo and Claudia González. The event also includes a series of free classes on digital culture, digital audience behavior, and virtual tours and galleries, hosted by various curators, teachers and artists.

In “Insights into the digital”, Maya Errázuriz draws on some of the learnings from our Foundation with the exhibition “Expanded Nature: Making the Invisible Visible” and the virtual experience of Polygonal Forest in the Ars Electronica Festival, stating that “digital and in-person culture work much better when they complement each other, rather than when they replace each other”. Regarding the specificity of digital art, she maintains that “digital art is work that has always been conceived and created just to live and exist in a digital space; which isn’t the same as the analog transferred to the digital”.

Regarding digital alliances, Errázuriz highlighted our collaboration with Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA) and mentioned that “digital alliances have opened up many opportunities for us to meet in different spaces, such as residencies or cultural centers, or places that work with sustainability and conservation throughout Latin America. Without a doubt, the hyperconnection really strengthened the network and the interaction between institutions. For the cultural area, being in crisis has increased the solidarity between actors, instead of heightening the competition. This is really important in culture, where there is a tendency towards competition and where it is precisely through collaborations that we can improve the creation of digital culture”.

Lastly, she warned that “there is a lot of talk about how democratizing and decentralizing the digital can be, but that cannot exist if it doesn’t go hand in hand with the larger development of digital infrastructure in territories that don’t have access. There is a very interesting opportunity in making intergenerational transfers on digital culture. Aiming to diversify digital access is related to how we can encourage young people to help older people become better acquainted with digital tools or culture. It can be an extremely interesting intergenerational exchange.

We are grateful to the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and its Digital Culture Unit for extending the invitation to participate. In the following video you can listen to Maya Errázuriz’s contribution.